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FWOG-Fox Commission piece (DON'T FAV THIS!!) by Rouge-Fox

Hmmm...where to beginn? Let's just state the obvious first, and say that this is great work! Very well done! The shadows are great! The...

Food For Thought by Birgitte-Gustavsen

So for a speed-painting, this is a pretty good piece. The brush work and mood is really interesting and the colours are awesome! One of...

I absolutely love this. Your style is clean, professional, brilliant! Which is what really gets me with your pieces every single time. ...



Artist | Student | Other
I love: Anime (my favorites are Full metal alchemist, soul eater, hellsing, D~Grayman and Love*Com right now :'3)( but am also familiar with: Bleach, Naruto, Detective Connan, the Wallflower, CHOCOLAT, Honey &Clover, Ouran Host Club, High School debut, and Magical JxR + many, many more :D)
I hate: People who are wasteful, I want people to try their best to preserve our mother earth!
I want to: be a comic artist, or do any kind of artistic job after I'm done with school! :D
I love to chat and find new friends, I'm also a member at
Twitter: KimiyoTxHollows
and spend xxxamount of my time on YouTube...-.- I know I'm sad.

Current Residence: Malaysia/Germany
Favourite genre of music: Punk Rock, J-pop, Easy Listening, Trance...
Favourite style of art: impressionism, advertisement, symbolism, Abstract
MP3 player of choice: iPhone or iPod :)
Favourite cartoon character: Allen Walker and Lavi(D~Gray man) and Ren (NANA)
Personal Quote: Catcha in a Snap! ^^


WIP  #1 by KimiyoTarameHollows
WIP #1
So these are sketches for a contest from :iconsack-back:
for the character design of his OCs.
6 in total I only ever managed to do a rough sketch on 3 of them.....'cuz time's a b***
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Where no One goes - Jònsi
  • Reading: Clive Cussler
  • Watching: Family Guy
  • Playing: bravely default 3DS
  • Eating: dreams
  • Drinking: ice lemon tea~!
Gah..I hate chainmails...buut I was tagged now and I'm bored so...

- Rules -
1. You must post the rules.

2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

6. No tag backs.

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

Tagged by: 

5 Things:
-I love watching anime
-Reading, Writing and Drawing are my favorite hobbies....and Daydreaming, reeeally big on that!
-I wish pokemon were real
-I wonder why I can't fly.....seriously wasted all eyelashes and birthday candles on this
-I love imagining what life some people I see have, while riding the Subway

Questions asked by Flootloops: 

1. Eyebrows or mustache? Why?
    Eyebrows...people look so creepy without them.
2. Favorite cartoon/ anime/ manga?
    Constantly changing. Love Family Guy, and watching Birdy the Mighty right now...
3. What's the weirdest thing you've ever heard someone say?
    Hearing to much of that everyday to pin-point the weirdest but, "Flandazzle! That was a mighty joop throw", would probably be one.
4. What's the weirdest thing you've ever said?
    I say at least 6 weird things everyday before Breakfast, so which floopdoodelie one would you ever be refrigerating to?
5. Favorite book?
    Again, constantly changing, but recommendations would be The HUNT -a. fukuda, Shiver - m. stiefvater and Cinder - m. meyer.

New Questions:
1. Do you think the combo: Flying, able to speak every language and impeccable health would be a good combo for 'if you had 3 wishes'?
2. Who would you love as your personal mentor for your career/life/etc. & Why?
3. Choose 3 locations you'd love to have a house/apartment at?
4. If you could permanently change your eye and Haircolour....which colours?
5. If you could live a life in your favourite book/movie/cartoon/etc, who would you be? (main-character or OC?)



Chaska Junis by KimiyoTarameHollows
Chaska Junis
Chaska Junis [Schaska Djunis]

Target The Full Body View! Target 

He is the Character I submitted to AnimaniA's Pimp My Character 2014, for the AnimagiC Convention in Bonn, Germany

You may only see him, if you have the heart of a true adventurer!

He's the old Red Indian Spirit of Travel, but since their...well more or less, disappearance, he has been unemployed.
Now, however, he's back in business by selling magical Tickets that can transport you anywhere safely in a matter of seconds.
But beware! DO NOT lose your ticket, or ol' Chazzie here will send you right back where you came from - or worse! - without a comfortable, quick or safe way to return, so you better not catch him on his bad side!
But no worries, he is actually quite a nice guy, besides his constant scowl, and beneath his stern expression there lies childish curiosity and playfulness. 

He loves Cat videos, Chicken Wings and has a massive Feather Collection! Something to remember should you really ever lose your Ticket ;) (Wink)
Because he definitely has nothing against striking a good bargain.

His best friend is an old Archaeologist who he, until a few years ago, accompanied on various of his trips.
Today, Chaska loves to send the old Man's ticket-losing, sassy and nosy daughter into the Desert for a few days, until she begs him - on hands and knees - to take her home again.

I really hope to draw his full story one Day, there's more to him than this ;) (Wink)

To see more from Chaska: 

Chazzie's Freetime: Chazzie's Freetime :)
Chaska Junis - Sideview: Chaska Junis *sideview

Swamp Dragon by KimiyoTarameHollows
Swamp Dragon
So I saw this Contest from Juddlesart

Dragon contest! Ends tomorrow at midnight!

And I was intrigued.
So I decided to participate too! :D

The goal was to draw a Swamp Dragon.
Smooth scaly skin, eats fish, etc.

I thought of komodo dragons and sea snakes, and came up with the specimen you see above.
It's an adult male, with colourful red markings.

Since it's a swamp dragon, I thought about what features could further mark him as such.
In the end I decided to give him a growth of bones/ horn on his back that kind of look like mangrove branches.
They would collect the flora of the swamp so over the years these dragons actually end up growing a small 'mangrove' on their back.
With little birds keeping everything clean, and other small animals looking for shelter and maybe even becoming food for the dragon.
With flowers growing ad blooming during mating season to attract the ladies ;)

Hope you like it! Heart 

Blaine by KimiyoTarameHollows
"You want me? Fine, but it'll cost you.
    You may desire, admire and long for me from afar,
    but do not ever dare To Touch me,
    how ever much you may crave for the feel of my skin,
    the tickle of my hair,
    the touch of my lips;
    you will get nothing.
Only my company,
and an unpleasant experience that will be....... " 

Blaine Cyrill Eston Starling aka. Amia The Pixie's Pearl

is the most highly sought after 'Face' of his time. The Rich and Powerful want him.
But not only just to be able to show that they can afford a few hours of his company.
They want more.... everyone does...
but no matter how much you may offer, you won't posses him.
Because another one does already...

Born a Boy, but with the unnatural beauty and physical appearance of a Girl,
Blaine was sold into the Hands of a Noble, who raised him into the most desirable 'Face' alive.
'Faces' - People of otherworldly beauty, sold and bargained with in the world of Money and Power.
Highly Sought after, and incredibly expensive, they are the ultimate trophy you can buy.

Known as the 'Pixie's Pearl', Blaine escorts as his Alias 'Amia', the absolut elite of the Lands.
But he hates his existence, this fate, and he will leap at the chance to escape this disgusting life and into freedom.

To escape The Touch of the one who still haunts his nightmares after all these years.

And one fateful Night, that chances arrives.
In the form of the Starlight Snatcher, the most wanted Thief of the City.
Who always seeks the biggest treasures.
His new target: The Pixie's Pearl; unknowing that it's the beauty standing right in front of him.

He is a character I wanted to work on for a while now,
the first work I did, was actually coincidence and experimental Sweating a little... ;) (Wink) 

The watercolour Brushes I found here:…

Hope you like!


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